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Photos by Tyler Lee.

Long Beach might be going through a donut renaissance (much like Costa Mesa with Sidecar and Venice with Blue Star). After praising Knead over off of 7th, it seems like another shop—this one focused on made-to-order mini donuts—is trying to elevate the donut scene in conjunction.

Meet Do Good Donuts, owned by Tyler Lee and taking over the former West River Cycle shop that opened in 2014 on 4th right across the street from Restauration.

The concept is actually quite simple: coffee and donuts crafted from scratch bases made using vanilla or nutmeg.

“When creating the concept of the shop, I decided to exclusively do mini donuts so people would be able to try a little of each donut we have to offer,” Lee said. “I’m always that person who wants to try one of each, y’know? I also opted to go the extra mile and do made-to-order donuts because—let’s be honest—donuts really are best when hot and fresh.”

Her menu strives for simplicity—”Real ingredients you can pronounce—nothing weird,” Lee assures—that offer nothing but six flavors: cinnamon sugar; vanilla bean & sprinkles; honey and salt (with honey procured from Long Beach-based S&P honey); All the Good Things (a Nutella-meets-pink salt concoction); and two season offerings for the opening: a whiskey butterscotch donut and a lemon curd with citrus sugar donut.

In other words: elevated-but-not-too-much donuts. Add onto that serving some Anaheim-based Golden State Coffee and you have yourself Do Good Donuts. (If I may offer a slight suggestion: Recreational Coffee, Rose Park, and Lord Windsor are pretty spectacular Long Beach-based roasters that would fit appropriately as well.)

“In all honesty, this shop is about way more than just donuts,” Lee said. “For me, it’s truly about creating a space that, well, just feels good to be in. I opened this shop in Long Beach because it’s the city I live in and absolutely love.”

According to Lee, Do Good Donuts will have a soft opening on Wednesday, February 28, followed by a grand opening celebration on April 27.

Do Good Donuts is located at 2707 E 4th St.