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Photo above by Brian Addison: a flight of Long Beach Creamery’s ice cream. Photo below courtesy of Dina Amadril.

It’s official: Bixby Knolls is no longer the sole place to experience the city’s best ice cream—including ice cream flights because no one in history have ever only wanted one flavor.

Long Beach Creamery has officially opened the doors to its second location in a space that was once home to a joint that catered to pups’n’kitties. Instead of Pussy n Pooch, the shop at 222 E Broadway) is now home to the Long Beach Creamery’s second location following its flagship location in Bixby Knolls.

Long Beach Creamery is the stuff of Long Beach legend. Like her friend-in-business, Laurie Gray over at The Pie Bar, Creamery owner Dina Amadril began her work out of her home when on August 22, 2013, she held her first tasting at her home, with 10 strangers sampling 12 flavors, from Lord Windsor Coffee to Biscuits & Jam, Madagascar Vanilla to Goat Cheese Whiskey Fig.

That is the humble, Long Beach-style beginnings of what has become Amadril’s life, The Long Beach Creamery—something I had discussed with her nearly four years ago when she was opening her first shop.

“It was not difficult to work from home at first,” Amadril had said. “Originally, I had my Kitchen Aid freezer attachment and a cute turquoise Cuisinart ice cream maker. But as demand grew—I ended up with 5 Cuisinarts and 3 Kitchen Aid attachments—and no room in my freezers. Capacity was becoming a problem. Around this time I also started researching what it would take to make this official: the regulations, investments and equipment… All the little ice cream spinners were starting to wear on me, so I made a big move and invested in a $10K Emery Thompson Blast Freezer.”

Soon after, it all became a reality—and now, she is pushing out of her heart’n’home of the Bixby/Wrigley neighborhoods and into the hustle’n’bustle of DTLB. Spoon in hand, it’s time to take the leap and go full on urban.