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Photos courtesy of Ten Mile Brewing.

Hop’n’Barley Heads rejoice: the Long Beach Island of Signal Hill will be introducing the various warehouses and tax-haven businesses to craft beer by way of Ten Mile Brewing.

Named after Ten Mile Creek in Sierra Nevada and created by father-and-son team Dan and Jesse Sundstrom, this brewery was built on the back of Dan’s homebrewing experiments.

As his craft became more artistic and less experimentation, his brews were getting requested more and more–from events to small gatherings of close friends.

Set to soft open by the end of this month, the location at the southwest corner of Willow and Cerritos will offer a ton of beers. To be specific, here’s what they offer and how they describe it:

  • Helles Munich Lager
    • “A clean, malt-forward German lager with a smooth, dry finish. The subtle use of Haullertau hops helps to balance the malt-forward flavor so it’s not too sweet. This is a refreshing, everyday beer.”
  • Citrallenial American Pale Ale
    • “A refreshing and crowd-pleasing ale. Using a blend of Citra, Amarillo and Centennial hops makes this beer not only delightfully bitter, but gives it a wide range of fruit and citrus characteristics. This is a classic and welcoming American Pale Ale.”
  • Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged | Russian Imperial Stout
    • “A robust, dark ale with a lot of personality. Search for the coffee, chocolate and roasted malt flavors that dominate this popular beer.”
  • Double Edge IIPA
    • “Intensely hoppy! Using an initial blend of five different hops, then dry hopped with Cascade and Amarillo. This beer pushes the boundaries of what you can and should put in a glass.”
  • Dark Side of the Mooo Milk Stout
    • “Welcome to the dark side! A favorite of many, this is a delicious, full-bodied stout.  Detect its hints of coffee and roasted malt. We use lactose sugar for a sweet and creamy style, making this the perfect beer for breaking into the world of dark ales.”
  • Orange Limey British Golden Ale
    • “A hoppy and bright, golden-colored beer. The British Golden Ale is a newer style, developed in Britain in the 1980’s. We’ve recreated this style using classic British malts and tossing in orange peel for a fresh twist.”
  • “The Swarthy Czechsman” Czech Dark Lager
    • “Never tried a dark lager? It is thought that lagers in general would have been predominantly dark until about the 1840’s. Our Swarthy Czechsman boasts a complex flavor profile ranging from rich fruit and caramel to cola with a moderate level of hop bitterness.”
  • Hidden Hollow | Kentucky Common
    • “A pre-prohibition style, this beer would have been served generously in saloons on the American Frontier or wild, wild west. Its high carbonation, mild flavors and dry finish make this a refreshing and unique choice.”
  • Belgian Dubbel
    • “This is a deep red ale with complex malt, banana, and clove flavors.”
  • Dunkles Bock
    • “Another dark lager style, this is a distinctively malty German lager. This style emphasizes the toasty qualities of Munich malts with a dry finish.”
  • American Barley Wine
    • “A well-hopped American interpretation of the most savory of English ales. The alcohol strength and hop bitterness combine to leave a lasting impression on your senses.”
  • Belgian Tripel
    • “This is a strong, belgian-style ale featuring firm bitterness and a hint of spice. Highly aromatic, you may detect flavors of banana or even bubble gum. These tasty notes combine with the supportive clean malt character to produce a surprisingly drinkable beverage.”
  • Acadian Fog | New England IPA
    • “A highly hopped version of the classic American IPA that focuses on citrus and fruity flavors of hops rather than bitterness.”