Photos by Brian Addison.

Whether you like them or not, Starbucks has done one thing: introduced America to coffee in a way that no other singular entity has. You can thank the massive corporate house of caffeination for introducing the terms “latte” and “macchiato” (albeit the latter being used entirely improperly) to the American vernacular. They’ll be introducing another idea to the US mindset: ups and downs via afternoon beer’n’vino offerings.

Be it your basic nature and obsession with their Pumpkin Spice Latte (which they have sold over 200 million PSLs in the drink’s 11-year existence or, if you prefer, Americans have consumed some 60 billion calories of the stuff) or you having to hide your secret adoration for their shakes-as-coffee Frappuccinos (that make the company some $2B a year and whose chai version is an awesome dessert in a cup), fear not having to venture to Pine for your fix.

The green mermaid is expanding its operations downtown by opening a new location at Broadway and Magnolia (right across the street from competition Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in the courthouse). Those waiting for Heartbreak to open will patiently have to deal while those too lazy to venture more easterly will now have an easy spot to make their day a Grande (ba-dum-chhh).

One special note, however, deserves recognition. This particular Starbucks will eventually be serving beer and wine after 2PM daily—because it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? We can’t help but wonder if the House o’ Joe Corporation will be offering its beer-flavored Dark Barrel Latte once it leaves the tasting stages of good ol’ Ohio and Florida, America’s culinary centers.

According to District Manager Ana Guitierrez, friends and family of the new Starbucks crew will be invited for a special preview tonight from 5PM to 7PM, while the official opening will take place tomorrow, September 25, at 5AM. Beer and wine will be coming to the location—much to the applause of nearby lawyers and court visitors alike—come some time around November.

Starbucks, located at 3rd and Magnolia, will be opening Monday through Sunday, 5AM to 10PM.

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