11:30am | This past Saturday, over 100 people participated in Downtown’s Amazing Chase Presented and Co-Produced by Garnica Interiors Inc. 
The interactive event, a parody of the well-known television competition, took participants on a  journey throughout Downtown Long Beach’s various neighborhoods where they will visit multiple businesses and landmarks in order to find clues and perform challenges.
Some fun facts:

  • The 23 participating teams completed intellectual conundrums, physical feats, and food-eating challenges, visiting 21 downtown businesses in the process. 
  • Participating downtown businesses included Hot Licks, Stefano’s, Aquarium of the Pacific, Bubba Gump, Auld Dubliner, Laugh Factory, Outer Limits Tattoo, Den Barber Salon, International City Theater, B Group, District Wine, Bob the Chiropractor, Shortin Bread, Kress Market, Pilates Plus, It’s A Grind, Garnica Interiors Inc., BikeStation, Queen Mary, Hotel Maya, and Kavikas, which held the finish line celebration. 
  • In order to find the next stop on their interactive journey, teams solved riddles like “life is like a box of chocolates at this location,” which would then lead them to Bubba Gump. After making their way to the business, they would have to complete a challenge such as finishing the Run Forest Run (pictured below) smoothie in less than 30 seconds. 
  • Teams also received bonus points for solving additional clues and tasks – accurately completing these extra clues and tasks shaved five to 15 minutes off the team’s final time. 
  • Downtown’s Amazing Chase was organized collaboratively by the Downtown Long Beach Associates (DLBA) and Garnica Interiors principal, Joen Garnica. 
  • First Place: Dishonorables; Second Place: Honey Badgers; Third Place: That’s What She Said

The teams vying for the championship in this year’s Amazing Chase in Downtown Long Beach.

The Real Housewives of Downtown Long Beach compete in the costume competition.

Queen Mary’ers trying to beat the various other teams with their parodic costume.

A team attempting to guzzle the Run Forrest Run smoothie at Bubba Gump Shrimp.

The winners of the 2012 Amazing Chase, The Dishonorables.