KHMER METAL Brings a Vivacious Cambodia to Life in Sunday Performance at Carpenter Center in Long Beach

Khmer Metal is unique from Phare’s other shows in many ways. It’s the first to be scored by bass-heavy rock music, and the first to take place in a dirty bar setting with the storyline like a romantic-comedy with a hint of risqué. Most importantly, it’s the first Phare production to be conceived entirely by the performers themselves.

SHAKESPEARE ALOUD Arts for Life Series to Move Home to UAM’s New Permanent Collection Gallery

The Richard and Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center’s free Arts for Life series Shakespeare Aloud will resume inside a new home when it returns for the 2015-16 season on September 26. The University Art Museum (UAM) will host the series inside its newly renovated Permanent Collection Gallery, a truly grand location that showcases both performances and visual art outstandingly well.