Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor 2014: Expectations Sunk

Dark Harbor just isn’t what it used to be. Could it be that Dark Harbor is riding on the wave of success from past years so much that it thought it could get away with (once again having) extra costs for newer (lame) attractions? And could Knott’s actually be getting better? My mind is completely warped right now.

IN PICTURES: Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor 2014

Exploiting the question as to whether the Queen Mary’s storied history of being haunted is true or not, the ship’s annual Halloween festival dubbed Dark Harbor stands out because of that very question. While no one ponders whether Knott’s Berry Farm or Universal Studios act as actual ports to purgatory, countless guests staying aboard the Queen have claimed odd happenings on the ship, ghost sightings and paranormal activity. Even the ship itself offers paranormal tours that recount the disturbing deaths and happenings that have plagued (or highlight, depending on the level you appreciate the macabre) the ship’s history.