Long Beach Museum of Art’s After Dark Is Coming July 10

Art lovers and night owls alike can breathe an end-of-the-week sigh of relief as they gaze across the Pacific ocean, drink in hand, and absorb some of Long Beach’s most revered art and music culture as they meander through the current exhibit and get down to soulful tunes.

Long Beach Museum of Art Goes Blue

The moment you walk into Long Beach Museum of Art (LBMA)’s upcoming exhibition, The Many Moods of Blues, you are greeted by Laddie John Dill’s Bird Series. The mixed-media piece—an amalgamation of cement, glass, and pigment—is anything but melancholy, the go-to metaphor for blue. Rather, the piece evokes a sense of playfulness mixed with edginess: it explodes off the wall and, like much of the exhibit, offers a view of blue that runs across a spectrum—from aspects of wealth, power and identity—more than relying on a single focal point.