Komo’s Cocina Brings Upscale, American-Inspired Mexican Food to Naples

Komo’s on 2nd Street in Naples is a new high-end, American-inspired Mexican restaurant that delivers delicious dishes constructed with care. Its tiny space is intimate yet inviting in a way that you can approach in many ways. You can come for happy hour from 3PM to 7PM for small bites and a luscious margarita, go light with a taco salad, or go for an all-out decadent experience. 

Long Beach Couple to Host Famed Baja Chef for Popup Dinner

Foodies and Long Beach residents Erin-Lee and Darren Skilton noticed something amiss in the LBC’s culinary scene: popup dinners. The Skiltons have decided to take their love of Mexico and Long Beach to bring us the inaugural Alta Cocina, a popup dinner in a residential backyard that will act as the kitchen for famed Baja cuisine master Roberto Alcocer.

Agaves Lifts Mexican Comfort Food to New Heights

It’s a phenomenon in the States that is echoed by the Executive Chef of Agaves, Abel Hernandez, “una percepción americana”: Mexican food is comfort food, Mexican food is largely Sonoran and Guadalajaran, Mexican food is not high end. Agaves in Downtown Long Beach is trying to change all of that.