Being Homeless in Long Beach

I never thought I’d really become homeless. Even in my last months in my apartment, as I was months late on my rent at the time, I still didn’t think I’d end up here, not really. Even after my landlord couldn’t take it anymore and (very politely) evicted me, I was still sure something would happen before it got this bad.

PEOPLE POST: Hun Sen 101—Cambodia’s Longtime Leader

The 17th of April was and is a very significant day for our Cambodian people. This year marks 41 years since the beginning of the Killing Fields in Cambodia, which lasted from 1975-1979. It is the day that Cambodian people around the world observe as our national mourning day and in solidarity with those who lost their lives in vain.

PEOPLE POST: Domestic Violence and a Lifetime of Being Haunted

As Halloween approaches, National Domestic Violence Awareness Month is coming to a close. But the true frightening and nerve-wrecking effects of this deadly epidemic must continue to speak loud, or thousands of our children will be haunted well beyond the 31st.