The Long Beach Photographer Who Finds Art in the Chaos of Graffiti, Vandalism and Covering It All Up

Long Beach photographer Mick Victor likes to piece things together—which explains the artist’s largest side project, Art Unexpected. Delving into the alleyways and concrete wind tunnels of Long Beach and Los Angeles, scaling the walls and façades of the all-too-unexplored spaces and crevices of New York and London, Mick searches for what he calls “accidental images.”

‘Snapshots From The Epicenter’ Documents 30 Years of Long Beach Punks

A mellow wine bar is probably the last place you’d expect to see an art exhibit of gritty live punk photography, but in Long Beach, the love of local music makes the odd connection seamless. Since March 8, more than 70 photos from across 30 years of Long Beach concerts have wallpapered the exposed brick interior of 4th Street Vine, arresting customers with nearly a lifetime of work from L.A. Record Truck owner Kirk Dominguez and his partner in photo crime, Jenn Kitner.

Slushbox Celebrates Morrison’s 70th Tonight At Fingerprints

Tonight, local band Slushbox is performing at Fingerprints Music as part of an opening night reception for Wake Up, an exhibition of photographs by Jim Coke. The photos were taken of The Doors during a performance in 1967, just before their song Light My Fire rocketed them to stardom. The exhibition, and the recently installed mural, Flying Morrison, are all in celebration of Jim Morrison’s 70th birthday, which is on December 8th.

Long Beach Fine Art Photographer Named Silver Medalist at International Photographic Competition

Local fine art photographer Kristi Elias received the prestigious award of Silver Medalist at the 2013 International Photographic Competition, as well as sixth place of the Top 10 Photographers by the Professional Photographers of America this month. Elias will receive an onstage honor at PPA’s annual convention Imaging USA Jan. 12-14, 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Art & Marine Biology At Aquarium of the Pacific

Dr. Edith Widder, best known for her part in capturing the first video images of the elusive giant squid, will be presenting a lecture on the subject on Tuesday, August 27, at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Here, she and Dr. Steve Bernstein speak about their collaboration to create striking photographic images, on display at the Aquarium through August 31.