Slushbox Celebrates Morrison’s 70th Tonight At Fingerprints

Tonight, local band Slushbox is performing at Fingerprints Music as part of an opening night reception for Wake Up, an exhibition of photographs by Jim Coke. The photos were taken of The Doors during a performance in 1967, just before their song Light My Fire rocketed them to stardom. The exhibition, and the recently installed mural, Flying Morrison, are all in celebration of Jim Morrison’s 70th birthday, which is on December 8th.

Long Beach Poetry Festival Features 11 Straight Hours of Local Poetry

The third annual Long Beach Poetry Festival will take place Saturday, Oct. 12, at Liberty Gallery in Downtown. It will run from 10AM to 9PM and will feature over 20 poets, headlined by Tony Hoagland. Yes, that’s eleven non-stop hours of poetry. But, if eleven hours of poetry is your idea of torture, you are, surprisingly, exactly the person the organizers want to attend.

A Poet Shares His Philosophy

Above the clamor of an overcrowded Portfolio Coffeehouse and the hubbub of a busy street corner, as the sun sets above an overcast evening sky, an intriguing artist shares his story.

Donna Hilbert: The Importance of Honesty in Poetry

In her new book, The Congress of Luminous Bodies, published by Aortic Books, Long Beach poet Donna Hilbert looks back on her life with the clear eyes of honest poetry. The book covers such topics as her early marriage, her relationships with her mother and her mother-in-law, and finding new love after a great loss.

5 Small Press Publishers in Long Beach You Need to Know


If the cliche, “There is no money in poetry” is true, then it would seem that publishing poetry would be one of the most ridiculous business ventures one could engage in. Yet right now there are at least five publishing companies in Long Beach specializing in poetry.