Whether you’re falling in or out of it, love is—undoubtedly—an inspirational force. For Long Beach couple Brian Frederick and Marley Rae, it was their love for each other that inspired them to create music. Together, the two are known as synth-pop musical duo, Subtle Smiles. Their debut album “Significant Other,” was released in February and tonight, at Que Sera, the pair are performing for the first time since their album dropped.

Just one finger on the beating pulse of the local music scene and there’s a good chance you’ve come across the name Brian Frederick on one studio credit or another. The music producer and sound engineer has helped record and produce countless albums and singles from the pool of local bands and musicians, including Buskerfest winner Tall Walls, Bearwulf, Spare Parts for Broken Hearts, The Ponderosa Aces, Father and Sons, Bundy and Bootleg Orchestra, among many others.

It was while helping record the first EP with the electronic soul-jazz group, Bootleg Orchestra—where Marley Rae was singing backup vocals—that the two developed a resonant connection. And on the evening of their one-year anniversary, while playing around with some beats Frederick laid down and lyrics Rae wrote to, the couple created a one minute song together.

“It inspired me and over the next two weeks I sat down and cranked out 20 one minute songs,” Frederick said. “Marley wrote to those and from there began the album. The music came out of the love we share for each other. I don’t think this album could exist outside the space of our relationship.”

Their 13-track album, in all its harmony-rich, notably upbeat but atmospherically serene tones, is a blend of many of their favorite genres, heavy in the dreamy electronic spectrum (drum and bass, trip hop, house) and lays testament to the creative genius artist and engineer can achieve when they come together in unique circumstances.

Supporting Subtle Smiles at this free performance are local indie-rock talent Fellow Robot and Bundy (playing an “intimate set” with just the frontman and bassist). DJ performance and visual accompaniment to the show will also be provided by local vinyl junkie, DON’T TRIP.

Another great thing: If you pick up a copy of Subtle Smile’s album (only $5), all of their proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and KLBPFM. “When we came to the point of considering how we wanted to market this album, we asked ourselves, why not take this opportunity to give back to organizations that we care about,” Frederick explained.

Give us a moment’s pause: Ah, love.

Subtle Smiles show begins at 9 p.m. until 12 a.m. at Que Sera; 1923 E 7th St. For more information visit their Facebook event page, here.