We all know Long Beach is haunted (looking at you, Queen Mary), but author and historian Claudine Burnett knows better than most. During her 25 years working at the Long Beach Public Library, the history buff and (now retired) librarian has written eight thoroughly researched books about the city, two of which earned her the nickname “ghost lady” around town. Her books, “Haunted Long Beach” and its second installment published nearly a decade later, “Haunted Long Beach 2: The Odd and Unusual In and Around Long Beach, California” are a collection of ghost stories and other strange occurrences, told by locals, that she attempts to corroborate using microfilms of old newspaper archives and county real estate records. Hard evidence aside, there are some pretty eerie coincidences even the harshest skeptics might ponder.

Today at the Los Altos Branch Library, grab a plastic chair and settle in for a free hour-long story time about the many hauntings, uncanny stories and urban legends in and around the city straight from the “ghost lady” herself. We hope it gives you goosebumps.

Another great thing: Don’t pigeonhole this event as just another glorified retelling of Queen Mary ghost stories (although, she is quite savvy on the topic), expect a plethora of creepy tales you’ve never encountered before.

Give us a moment’s pause: Speaking of goosebumps, keep the feeling going and maybe checkout a couple copies of R. L. Stine’s freakish fables since you’re, you know, at the library and all.

The free Haunted Long Beach story time runs from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at the Los Altos Branch Library; 5614 Britton Dr.