For the last 10 years, Un Mundo de Amigo’s Preschool has gone above and beyond with their graduation ceremonies.

Emulating the traditional procession, the children would dress in pint-sized cap and gowns, and teeter down the catwalk to receive their mini diplomas. Afterward, delighted parents and family would pose for a photo with their little graduate. The occasion was always joyous, adorable and, sometimes, the first graduation experience for anyone in the children’s family.

“Once COVID-19 happened, we had to think about how we were going to make this memorable for them, because even though it’s just a preschool graduation, it’s still a big thing for the families,” said Adriana Renteria, Un Mundo de Amigos supervisor.

Judging from the giant balloon garlands, streamers and decorated signs adorning the dozens of cars that rolled past Un Mundo de Amigos on Tuesday, June 30, the celebrating families were thrilled the school was still going to celebrate their youngsters’ achievement.

“The school always does a nice ceremony with a little cap and gown and everything. My daughter graduated from here four years ago, so I was a little sad about that,” said Erika Perez, a parent whose son was graduating Tuesday. “But they made it possible and it was so nice.”

For the kids in daycare that day, the drive-by parade allowed them to see their peers, albeit from a distance, one last time before they enter kindergarten this fall, while the staff got to give their pupils once last wave and heartfelt good-bye.  As a final parting gift, the staff gave each of the graduates a goodie bag filled with treats, prizes and a diploma booklet, featuring a photo of their graduate in cap and gown.

“It was awesome,” parent Nick Pruitt said. “They really didn’t have to put this together, but for them taking their time out to do this just shows that this is a good school.”