Longtime advocate Josh Butler to step down as executive director of Housing Long Beach • Long Beach Post

After serving for four years as its leader and executive director, Josh Butler has decided to step down from his post as executive director of Housing Long Beach.

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Housing Long Beach has quickly risen in the city as one of the forefront advocacy groups when it comes to issues such as affordable housing and renters’ rights, having led the fight for issues such as the tenants’ relocation ordinance that was approved by City Council last night as well as the noble but failed attempt at getting rent control on the ballot.

“I was there for four years and it was quite a tremendous struggle that we endured to get where we got,” Butler told the Post. “I made a lot personal sacrifice to get there including  time away from friends and family—and, in all honestly, I need to return that time to those people.”

While Butler remains rightfully private about extolling too much on the reasons, both professional and personal, for his leaving, he assures people who know him that he will remain in Long Beach while also fighting social justice issues regionally.

“My fight for affordable housing and tenants’ rights goes beyond Long Beach—it always has and it will continue to do so,” Butler said. “I’m not just leaving while leaving everything hanging. However, I think the organization has grown tremendously and they’ve reached a point where they need to take on new leadership and challenges; I think that is healthy for any organization to do. I truly believe it would have been a bad thing for me to stay there indefinitely.”

According to the organization, Board President Cynthia Macias will “play a significant role in facilitating the organization with our Director of Community Organizing, Maria Lopez” while they search for a new leader.

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