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Cycle Hop, the organization that has been the operator of Long Beach’s massively successful bike share, will no longer be overseeing the program.

In an email sent to users, Cycle Hop stated:

“We are writing to inform you of some changes to the program. Moving forward CycleHop will no longer operate Long Beach Bike Share, as the City of Long Beach decided on another direction. Beginning today the City of Long Beach assumed the role of owner/operator of the system, and as such CycleHop is no longer responsible for the program or any associated liability, including any obligations under the now terminated Long Beach Bike Share Rental Agreement & Waiver.”

The program has been one of the more successful bike share programs in the state: nearly 17,000 people have signed up to use the bikes since its launch in March of 2016 according to Cycle Hop, having generated some 75,000 trips across 150,000+ miles.

While the City has not released a formal response, I’m awaiting a response from the City asking them how they will handle operations or if they plan on releasing a RFP in search for another operator.

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