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Photos by Brian Addison.

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And there stood a human blockhead in the East Village of DTLB, right next to the self-admitted freak obsessed with stapling himself and the sword swallower.

darkartemporium-0653They were brought here by Long Beacher-by-way-Houston art lover Jeremy Schott for the opening of his Dark Art Emporium gallery off of Elm and 3rd just a few months ago—and since then, Schott has made a home in the East Village by bringing some of the creepiest, freakiest, oddest array of art, magazines, and collectibles this side of Guillermo del Toro’s At Home with Monsters exhibit in Los Angeles.

And considering that massive, entirely sold-out exhibit has officially ended its run, Schott’s Dark Art Emporium offers an easy albeit smaller offering of the dark side of human creativity.

He has taxidermy classes (for which the December 4 class is sold-out but January 15 and 22 classes still have spots). Figure painting lessons (with the inaugural class on December 15). Rotating group art shows. Movie nights that screen incredible oddities like Poultrygeist: Night of Chicken Dead and Elves. Music nights at Long Beach staples like the Prospector (which you can expect come January because the Emporium is a tad too small for live music shows, especially with the neighbors upstairs).

darkartemporium-0652In other words, Schott is all in when it comes to investing his dark arts into the Long Beach community—and he firmly believes we need it.

“‘I should do that here,’ is what I thought—I’m sick and tired of driving to Hollywood and Burbank to catch all that stuff I love,” Schott said. “There’s nothing like it in Long Beach and Long Beach is the perfect place for it.”

Even better? He’s bringing a bit of holiday cheer to those with an appreciation for the macabre amidst the cheery lights and tinsel: a creepy Christmas celebration complete with Krampus—yes, a human, real-life performing Krampus—and evil elves and creepy Christmas art and a black Christmas tree and creepy ornaments…

It all goes down on Saturday, December 3, from 7PM to 10PM at the shop’s location at 252 Elm St.

“Here’s a little preview,” he said, holding up an intricately stuffed dead rat, dressed up Krampus-style with its fangs bared and claws up. It’s similar to the Pinhead a la Rodent that appears in a china display case.

Put otherwise, it’s awesome.


The ratty Pinhead that Clive Barket would be proud of.


And fear not if you miss out on the creepy holiday shindig. Love Gone Awry will take over Valentine’s Day and maybe, just maybe, Bunnicula the Vampire Rabbit will come out for Easter.

Dark Art Emporium is located at 252 Elm St. in Long Beach.

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