Long Beach Music Scene: Missing Persons, More to Bring 80s Awesomeness to SAM 2017 in DTLB • Long Beach Post

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Before Lady Gaga, there was Dale Bozzio, the heavy-make-up, in-your-face, overtly-sexual lead singer of Missing Persons—and they’re bringing their 80s awesomeness to Long Beach on July 29 by way of our city’s ultimate summer-long concert series, Summer And Music (SAM).

SAM continues its 2017 season by invading the Pike Outlets (95 S Pine Ave.) in DTLB with its Punk Rock Prom  event featuring Missing Persons and local faves Spare Parts for Broken Hearts, Mention, and the pure-soul vibes of DJ Dennis Owens.

Bee-tee-dub, you know Missing Persons whether you know it or not. Their pop-new wave hit “Words” from their debut album Spring Session M became a classic and is sampled to this day, spawning three Top 100 albums when they reigned in the 1980s and an array of singles that were Top 100 hits, from “Walking in LA” to “Destination Unknown.”

While we sadly wave goodbye to Twisted at the Pike—SAM’s Pike-centric show of the past three years that has featured everyone from Fartbarf to De Lux to Free Moral Agents—I happily welcome Punk Prom Night because it testifies to one specific thing about SAM: they aren’t afraid to mix it up while still providing some of the coolest, strangest, and outright fuckin’ rad shows this side of LA.

Bring it, SAM—and we’ll bring ourselves in return.

To find out more about this event specifically, click here. For more information about SAM, click here.

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