Long Beach Music Scene: Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube to Headline ‘Summertime in the LBC’ Festival • Long Beach Post

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Above: concert goers attend last year’s inaugural Summertime in the LBC festival near the Queen Mary.

Long Beach’s most respected royal, The Queen Mary, is leading the city when it comes to being a live music venue after it inked a deal with Goldenvoice last December.

After announcing the impressive lineup for Smokin’ Grooves just weeks ago, the Queen Mary announced the lineup for the second annual Summertime in the LBC on July 7, with Long Beach’s own Snoop Dogg headlining alongside NWA veteran Ice Cube.

Snoop’s presence on the Long Beach stage has been contentious—and that’s putting it lightly.

Former Long Beach Mayor Beverly O’Neill chastised the rapper after he was implicated in a murder case, infamously proclaiming that someone “even accused of murder” would never perform in the city again.

Rightfully so, Snoop took that as a personal slight and, up until the inaugural ComplexCon two years ago, had never performed in Long Beach since.

Joining Snoop and Cube will be The Game, Method Man & Redman, Ja Rule, Ashanti, and The Isley Brothers.

Last year’s inaugural Summertime hosted 50 Cent, YG, and Wu-Tang while bringing on Long Beach’s own Warren G—returning again this year—in addition to Bone Thugs, DJ Quik, George Clinton, and a plethora of other funk and hip hop artists will be taking to the Queen’s stage for what was arguably the city’s best urban-focused festival lineup at the time.

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