Blue Line to resume service in Long Beach, but closure continues farther north • Long Beach Post

Metro has announced it will soon complete construction along the southern portion of the Blue Line—which has been closed since January 26—and begin work on its northern portion this weekend.

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“Metro will resume Blue Line rail service on Saturday, June 1 between Downtown Long Beach and the Compton Station,” said Jose Ubaldo of Metro. “Blue line service from the Compton Station to the 7th Street/Metro Center Station in Downtown Los Angeles will be replaced with bus shuttles until September when regular rail service will resume on the entire Blue Line.”

The 861 and 862 buses will be replaced by 863 and 864. Additionally, the popular 860 Express Shuttle, which runs directly between Downtown Long Beach and Downtown Los Angeles, will continue to run after many riders found it preferable to the Blue Line, even when it is in full operation.

Details on the shuttles:

  • Local Shuttle (864)Stops at all stations that are out of service: 103rd St/Watts Towers; Firestone; Florence; Slauson; Vernon; Washington; San Pedro; Grand/LATTC; Pico; Seventh Street/Metro Center.
  • Select Shuttle (863): Provides faster service between Compton, Metro Green Line at Harbor Freeway Station, Manchester-Firestone, Slauson, and Seventh Street/Metro Center.
  • Express Shuttle (860)Stops at some stations that are out of service and can take you from one end of the Blue Line to the other.

While the Blue Line’s Long Beach stretch will re-open Saturday, officials noted that not all work is complete: Landscaping, fencing, lighting and other details all still being worked on. They’ll be in progress until the full line re-opens.

To view the breakdown of the expenditure plan for the “New Blue,” click here.

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