This Long Beach councilmember actually wants to talk bluntly about homelessness—including focusing on those teetering toward it and finding more ways to solve it

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Photo by Brian Addison. At least someone with the power to change was paying attention to an important document hidden within the nightmarish Land Use Element (LUE) conversation. Amidst NIMBY-ish screams and shouts, practically no one paid attention to an...

Road work continues on massive overhaul of Broadway corridor in Long Beach

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Photo by Brian Addison. Above: workers begin construction on Broadway at Falcon. Over a year after the announcement that the Broadway Corridor between Junipero and Alamitos Avenues would be receiving a massive and much-needed overhaul, work has formally begun...
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When a Condemned House in California Sells for $1.23M, We’re Choosing to Create a Rich Man’s Land & Prompt Displacement

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Interested in the affordable housing conversation? Click here for our full archives. **** Above: a photo of the condemned Fremont home that sold for over a million dollars in March of 2018. Perched on the façade of 3239 Bruce...

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Set to Lease 18-Acre Site on Terminal Island to Build His Big Falcon Rocket

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Rendering courtesy of SpaceX. Whether you’re in SoCal or Silicon Valley, there is a generic weariness with which the majority of humans approach the very small number of humans that have vast amounts of wealth attached to tech. Elon...
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The Absurdity with Which Orange County Is Handling Its Homelessness Issue Is a Cue for Everyone Else to Show Some Humanity

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Interested in the homelessness conversation? We will be inviting experts dealing with this subject on a daily basis for a free, public talk that will examine the complexity of the issue. In conjunction with that discussion, we will also be...
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