Dec. 11: Long Beach’s Last Chance to Cheer Fear About LUE That Won’t Affect Those Complaining About It • Long Beach Post

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Photo courtesy of “Say No to Land Use Element” Facebook group page.

The chance has come, Long Beachers, for us to fully stand up and cheer for fear. To cheer for screwing over future generations and their ability to find and own homes. To cheer on making Long Beach less accessible, less diverse, and less affordable.

Come December 11, the Planning Commission will vote on the Skyscraper Sardine Packer of a  document that is the Land Use Element (LUE), the guide that oversees development throughout the city in the future. This comes after nearly a decade of public meetings that my fellow angry white people seemed to have forgotten about until the past few months—and thank the gods they clued in at the last second.

I mean, in all frankness, how dare the corrupt and crooked City of Long Beach try to engage the public for years, prep for the future, and attempt to prevent another housing crisis?

This is, in part, why I am so proud of anti-LUE folks over-taking recent meetings…

…why I am so honored to have heard people yelling in support for closing Long Beach’s borders to people rather than opening them up to our culture…

…why my heart blooms when so-called students of architects chime in not knowing the difference between a five-story building and a skyscraper

…why it is nothing short of a pleasure to hear folks like Eastsider Corliss Lee proclaiming—complete with the common’n’passive racism that not-so-subtly brews amongst anti-housing folks—that Towne Center will become the “Chicago projects” at a recent Eastside Voice meeting…

…why I feel so privileged to have the astute and informative reporting of local publications the LB Report, which used astounding Photoshop skills to fear-monger folks into thinking five-story Kmarts will soon invade their precious picket fence lawns…

In a time when we’re shutting down borders and building walls, it’s nice to know that the same fear and misinformation is alive and well here in Long Beach.

When there is absolutely no incentive for a developer to build a massive apartment complex in an East Long Beach neighborhood that has no transit, no walkability, too many cars, and utterly zero interest for the upcoming generation living in a city, it makes me beam with pride that Eastsiders are still claiming the Development Armageddon that will never come until long after they’re dead is undoubtedly coming.

Speaking of death, I think the true highlight of all this brouhaha is that progress is being hindered by those deciding on and creating a future they won’t even live to see.

That right there? Priceless.

The Planning Commission will vote on the LUE this upcoming Monday, December 11, at City Hall.

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