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Photo by Brian Addison. Above: the shores of Long Beach as seen from the bluff at Bixby Park in Alamitos Beach. 

Don’t get me wrong, boo, I love Long Beach but I have to be honest and ask…

You trollin’ us, TIME?

Amongst a list of the world’s best beaches—a list that includes Bali and Spain’s famed Mallorca, mind you—sits Long Beach.

As in Long Beach, California.

As in the only Californian beach on the list.

As in none of that is a typo.

Eyebrow raised, I had to look at the data—and times are changing in how folks examine the measurements of things.

When it came to describing Long Beach, it certainly wasn’t our waves that were winning over judges—in fact, the lack thereof was a bonus, as the calmer waters are “more suitable for recreational swimmers and children, and offers the opportunity for various water sports like kayaking and kite surfing.”

In this sense, I respected the data and analysis. While we (rightfully) rant about our lack of waves, I am reminded that my nephew’s first step into the ocean was in Long Beach and it wasn’t necessarily because I live here but because it was safe enough for him to do so.

It’s a completely different perspective of what a beach is.

Okay. I see what you did there, TIME. I see you.

For TIME‘s Money team, they opted to look at 3,500 data points for more than 250 beaches across the world, searching for “overall cost factors, giving the most weight to the price of airfare, lodging, and food, as well as the biggest year-over-year price drops. We also considered the number of beaches each city offered, as well as tourist activities and experience factors like low crime rates and pleasant weather.”

For the full list, click here.

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