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Over this past weekend, we had the pleasure of taking a trip up to Santa Barbara for the 10th annual Bike Film Festival. As we reported before, the annual film festival travels around the world to showcase various Bike documentaries and shorts. This was the first year for Santa Barbara to host the festival, and while the turnout was modest, it was still a great, bike-filled weekend. Here is a Recap of the weekend:

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The festivities started Friday night with a hosted party at Elsie’s Tavern, a cool dive bar near State St. There was a Goldsprints set-up in the main room, and the stationary  bike sprints helped willing patrons burn off the drink specials being poured all night.

Saturday was the main day for the festival, which was held at the beautiful Marjorie Luke Theatre. A bike Swap meet was held in the parking lot before the films began. Several vendors set up booths, and good deals could be had on biking accesories and apparel-one booth was giving away all sorts of biking shirts and pants for just $5. Lots of crazy bikes were being shown-off by their proud owners. My favorite had to be this one bike that was chromed-out and even had a stereo system that would rival most cars.

Alongside with the swap meet was a Bike Polo tournament. I have to admit that this was my first time seeing this amazing sport. Take your basic polo game, but you leave those ritzy horses at the country club and use your humble bike instead. It was a great game to watch, and really inspiring to see the innovative ways that bikes are being used.

The actual film festival was arranged into 4 programs that each clustered a full-length documentary with a series of shorts. A breakdown of all the shows, along with trailers, can be found here.

Overall, the weekend was great. In between events, we biked around downtown and State St. We were pleasantly surprised at the amount of bikers out & about.

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