Longbeachize Scores for Four LA Press Club Awards Nominations • Long Beach Post

For the second year in a row—and in only two-and-a-half years in existence—Longbeachize has become a finalist in multiple categories at the 2016 LA Press Club SoCal Journalism Awards.

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This year, former editor Brian Addison’s piece entitled Addressing Homelessness in Long Beach (and It Starts with Your Assumptions) was a finalist in three categories:

  • Best Hard News Feature
  • Best Non-Political Commentary
  • Best Photo Essay

In the Photo Essay category, Addison faces competition from two Los Angeles Times photographers and KCRW.

“Why this particular piece was important for me is because it was entirely—entirely—influenced by my coming to the Downtown Long Beach Associates (DLBA) and seeing what we as an organization do on a day-to-day basis with homelessness,” Addison said. “This organization had entirely enlightened my perspective on the issue, what we can do as community, and introduced me to some of the fiercest, warmest, most loving people in this community who tackle it face-to-face… I truly would love to get this one in the bag for the DLBA, DTLB, and Long Beach.”

Addison also shared a nomination with We Are the Next founder and Executive Director Katie Rispoli in the Traffic/City Feature category for their three-part series on Rispoli’s work trying to (and successfully) saving the first Taco Bell in Downey.

“Saving The first Taco Bell didn’t just make a flashy story,” Rispoli said. “I mean, it did—but it also set a precedent: it showed that communities that are often not at the forefront of our urbanist perspective are not to be left behind. That there are important histories surrounding us in the places we least expect them. Covering this story brought those histories to the surface and I’m proud to have been recognized for doing so.”

Addison and Rispoli will find out if they win when the 2016 SoCal Journalism Awards take place in DTLA on June 26.

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