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Rendering courtesy of Lean Arch; it is also the artwork of the 2020 IPA.

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The L.A. River is one of the county’s most obvious eye-sores: a concrete channel that stretches from the north side of the Santa Monica Mountains down south until it dumps itself right into the coast off of Long Beach.

2020IPAEfforts to restore the river’s lining into something not just more beautiful but something more livable have been vigorously advocated for by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and recently by Vice Mayor and Long Beach mayoral candidate Robert Garcia, who hailed the river as becoming a possible “environmental wonder.”

LA River Corporation—the nonprofit that has largely led the charge in restoring the river through its “Greenway 2020” plan which hopes to bring the river up to its true potential within the next six years—has not only created a unique fundraising approach, but one that will make drink’n’grub lovers rejoice: a craft beer dedicated solely to raising funds for the restoration of the river.

Golden Road Brewing—owned and operated by craft beer guru Tony Yanow—sits just a hundred feet from the river’s bank at the intersection of the 5 and 134, making it an appropriate proprietor for a beer benefitting the L.A. River.

Golden Road’s 2020 IPA, the first batch brewed in January, saw its inaugural supply entirely annihilated by the end of February. Beer lovers gobbled up the amber, 7.4%ABV IPA, which features six hop varietals and Crystal malt for what Golden Road describes as a “dark red IPA with a rich pine aroma” and a “hearty hop bitterness.”

This mark’s the brewery’s fourth seasonal IPA choice and second benefitting a nonprofit; their first, Heal the Bay IPA, helped out, well, Heal the Bay.

As brewers work on a second batch, the one-pint cans will be available at various bottle shops throughout Long Beach (we suggest trying Public, Eddie’s Market, or Benson’s Liquor—all on 4th—to try and find a four-pack). For those seeking the amber IPA on draught, it will be served daily at The Pub at Golden Road Brewing and is currently being served at Congregation Ale House on the Promemade in Long Beach. Beginning March 12, will be served at Long Beach’s Red Leprechaun at 4000 E Anaheim Street.

Every pint or four-pack you buy, a dollar goes to the LA River Corporation for Greenway 2020. Happy gut, happy river: win, win.

For more information on the Greenway 2020 project, click here. For more information on Golden Road’s 2020 IPA, click here.

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