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We here at Longbeachize love our bicycles without a doubt, but there are times when even the speed of two wheels is too much. Those times when we would rather walk so we can take in the neighborhood, and possibly discover something new. So we have collaborated with the pedestrian advocacy group Walk Long Beach and visual storyteller and photographer Lisa Beth Anderson of In Good Company for our new series, The Sidewalking Society. We will be featuring editorials and visual stories about Long Beach sidewalks and the locals who walk, pedal, skate, run, skip, push, and stroll on them every day.

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So for our first Sidewalking Society post, we invited Maggie—an adorable 4-year-old Long beach local—to go on the Pow! Wow! Walking loop and give her feedback of the murals. As the dust settles and the paint dries on the murals painted around downtown for Pow! Wow! Long Beach, art fans from near and far are flocking to see the finished walls. Many reviews from adult critics have been surfacing online, providing an articulate critique of the art work based on composition, context, theme, and subtext.

But we felt that Maggie, someone who is a little less connected to the art world, could provide us with a more visceral, honest review of the work. And to make things even more interesting, we asked her to text her responses using emojis. Below is a recap of this walk and arguably the most adorable, least useful review you will find of Pow! Wow! Long Beach.



We believe sidewalks are meant for stopping just as much as they are for walking. Sidewalks should lead to sidetracks. They should allow us to appreciate our surroundings; for us to dwell on the details. Because if you look with the right attitude, there will always be new things to discover. We strive for a world where the destination and the journey are of equal importance. Above all; we know this: walking makes every day better here in Long Beach. 

We are the Sidewalking Society. 


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