Time-Lapse Video Shows One Month at the Port of Long Beach in Less Than Three Minutes • Long Beach Post

Orange County filmmaker Alex Hallajan spent a month using his cameras at various locations throughout Long Beach to time-lapse the loading and unloading of goods, the trucking and packing, the going and coming at the Port of Long Beach.

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The result is captivating.

With clockwork-like efficiency, we see that the generally simple idea of bringing goods to and from one location is a massively complex process.

“With time-lapse and filmmaking in general,” Hallajan told Longbeachize, “there’s a need to film subjects that haven’t been approached yet. The Port is pretty inaccessible yet very interesting. Thankfully I know someone there and they approached me with an idea to do a small time-lapse. The project grew from there… After almost a year of trying, an opportunity came up and it worked out.”

“The Art of Stevedore”—stevedore is the term for those who load and unload cargo from a dock—was born. The various camera locations were, for the most part, places Hallajan specifically chose.

“Some ideas I couldn’t do but weren’t feasible without disrupting the work going on,” Hallajan said. “For others, like inside the cab of the crane, I waited a long time to be able to do. I actually just shot that a few days before finalizing the piece.”

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