Free Public Talk Series Kicks Off with Discussions on Affordable Housing, Transit Equity

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As the world increasingly accesses and discusses its news through social media, the conversations surrounding complex topics become convoluted, if not outright filled with misinformation and Dunning-Kruger effects. At the same time, face-to-face conversations and discussions are happening less...

New Renderings Show How Measure A Will Upgrade Some Parks Across Long Beach

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Renderings courtesy of Long Beach Measure A is the largest infrastructural investment the city’s seen in a generation—something I supported long before nearly 80% of voters approved it last year. And why? The tax initiative that focused on generating...

What Removing a Freeway in West Long Beach Could Look Like—And Why It Must Happen

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Love looking at renderings of upcoming developments in the city? Click here for our full archive. **** Renderings courtesy of Melendrez. Graphic by Baktaash Sorkhabi. I’ve been talking a lot about park equity and the importance of safe, greener spaces...
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710 Project Releases REIR; Proposal Creates Further Ped/Bike Danger for West & North Long Beach

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Photos by Brian Addison. Above: a man bikes east on Anaheim St. above the 710. I love West and North Long Beach. For me, they are the forgotten neighborhoods, places that easily fall into the fray of pollution, inequity,...
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