Long Beach Music Scene: ‘Summertime in the LBC’ Finally Gives Long Beach the Hip-Hop Festival It Deserves • Long Beach Post

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Long Beach has long lamented that, despite its rich history within hip hop culture, it has yet to see a hip hop festival reflecting that rich history.

Until now.

Come August 5, the Queen Mary will host Summertime in the LBC with 50 Cent, YG, and Wu-Tang headlining. Even better? Long Beach’s own Warren G, Bone Thugs, DJ Quik, George Clinton, and a plethora of other funk and hip hop artists will be taking to the Queen’s stage for quite arguably the city’s best urban-focused festival lineup ever.

Don’t discount the food either, as it focuses entirely on black-owned businesses that offer some of the best grub south of the 10: Watts’ favorite quesadilla maker Keith Garret will bring his famed All Flavor No Grease food to the show, along with South Central’s Creole-focused Trap Kitchen, Crenshaw’s Taco Mell, Inglewood’s female-led A Little Taste of Chyna, and Three Stakxs Kitchen.

The only concern? It is being hosted by the Observatory, the group behind the much maligned Beach Goth as well as the equally distasteful Soulquarius festival that had an unbelievably stellar lineup of contemporary R&B and neo-soul, was sold out for months, and delivered four-hour wait lines and nightmarish organization.

But this is not on the Observatory grounds, thank the music gods.

Early bird tickets are now on sale for $75. Get ’em, Long Beach.

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