Over 100 New Parking Spots Coming to Alamitos Beach in Long Beach • Long Beach Post

Photo by Brian Addison. Above: Alamitos Beach in Long Beach.

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Many a drivers and commuters will rejoice: over 100 new parking spots will be added on 1st and 2nd Streets between Alamitos and Cherry in Alamitos Beach, a neighborhood rife with parking issues according to its residents.

The news comes from the office of 2nd District Councilmember Jeannine Pearce, who largely ran on a campaign that promised less development and more parking. After bicycling advocates and families alike got riled up that she would strip the Junipero Biking lane to add more spots, Pearce and her crew looked at turning the 60-degree angled parking along 1st and 2nd Streets and turn them into 90-degree parking spots—and it worked.

“The debate around parking is one that is real for residents who can spend up to 4 days a year looking for parking,” Pearce stated. “By thinking outside the box, we have found an option that will save dollars and time for our residents.”

The project will be paid for through the district’s “Divide by Nine” funds, monies which are distributed to the nine Long Beach districts and strictly reserved for “community benefits.”

Facing approval from the City Council in October and expecting it to move forward, work will be completed as early as January of next year.

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