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Photo by Brian Addison. Rendering courtesy of Sares-Regis.

Work is taking on tangible form in one of Long Beach’s newest residential complexes located on the eastern edge of DTLB’s boundary at 1st and Alamitos, dubbed The Alamitos.

Having been approved by almost three years ago, the 136-unit complex will stand at seven stories. It has taken over three current parcels while effectively vacating a small portion of Alta Way and Olive Avenue.

Units will range from 650 sq. ft. to 1,739 sq. ft., with 10 studio units, 101 one-bedroom units, and 25 two-bedroom units.

Two common spaces—one on the third story facing westward and one on the roof—will be accessible to residents along with common indoor areas.

Facing Alamitos on its east side will be the project’s highest reach in height while, when facing the southern and western sides, will be lowered to allow neighbors to feel less dwarfed. The aforementioned third-story outdoor courtyard, according to the proposal, will help accommodate this sensation.

Ground-level commercial space will be along both 1st Street and Alamitos with a corner roof deck above the retail space to further activate pedestrian interest.

For those concerned with parking: 170 parking spaces will be created for the complex, part on the first floor and a subterranean garage as well.

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