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Rendering courtesy of the City of Long Beach  

Looks like PCH and Long Beach Blvd. is becoming a hub of affordable, transit-centric development: following the announcement of 48 affordable units just northwest of the intersection on Linden, a new, five-story affordable development at the 1795 Long Beach Blvd.

The unnamed project’s structure, being headed by AMCAL Housing, will cover some 145,000 sq. ft. with 3,938 sq. ft. of commercial space along the ground floor at the southeast corner of PCH and Long Beach Blvd.

101 of the units will be affordable, with one managerial unit, complete with 68 residential parking spots, nine commercial parking spaces, and five motorcycle parking spots.

49 units will be one-bedroom; 26 will be two-bedroom; and 23 will be three bedrooms along with one single studio unit.

As mentioned in the piece about Vistas Del Puerto, this project is a welcomed addition to Long Beach’s housing supply, which lacks in not only overall supply but particularly in affordability. Currently, the County is behind by some 500,000 affordable units (and over 1M units in total) behind in building, contributing to a housing crisis that is prompting increased homelessness and displacement.

The conversation—pitting housing advocates against well-meaning, but selfish NIMBYs fearful of “losing their lifestyle” to so-called over-development—has erupted across the state, prompting politicians to figure out ways to downsize the crisis while homeowners and property owners rail against developers and renters.

In Long Beach, Vistas Del Puerto adds 48 units while this project adds 102 units to the 585 affordable units currently in the pipeline for development.

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