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Renderings courtesy of Studio One Eleven. 

In one of the more unique projects in Long Beach when it comes to housing, the former Verizon building at 200 W. Ocean Blvd.—where the boulevard meets Pacific—will be adaptively reused, converting everything above the first floor into housing while saving the ground floor for retail.

These fresh renderings provide perspective on what the final product will look like after completion.

After being purchased by Milan Capital Management (MCM) in 2015, the project was entitled by the Planning Commission that same year. While it was originally slated for 86 dwelling units, with 8 two-story penthouses to be added on top of the building (like the Edison did over at 1st and Long Beach Blvd.), along with office space for what MCM President Chris Nichelson called “the growing creative class in Long Beach.”

The updated project will now have 98 units, keep the two additional units on the roof with the penthouses as internal demoing begins this week, headed currently by Hopkins Construction.

“Studio One Eleven was hired to renovate the exterior façade and entry lobby as well as several floors of office space,” the design said in a statement. “Design features include new signage and identity branding, sustainable materials, drought-tolerant landscaping and a new storefront glazing system that serves to reinvigorate the building.”

Internal demo began in October of last year and completion is expected to be completed by early 2019.

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