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Where is Studio One Eleven when you need them?

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A less-than-stellar design from Ware Malcomb—from Irvine so the corporate feel makes sense—will become Los Angeles County’s latest waterfront hotel addition.

The strangely appropriately titled Shade Hotel—one can’t help but wonder if it is the shade people will be throwing the vacay spot when they feel like they just arrived at a corporate park transported directly from MacArthur Blvd. in OC—is a boxy, cheap glass-and-metal construction of two buildings that will offer three stories consisting of 54 rooms right next to the Pacific Ocean.

The original Shade in Manhattan Beach is something a bit more akin to taste: though not perfect, its facade (even with those dreaded whale-bone metal awnings) harkens to the mid-mod styles of Killingsworth with its post-and-beam, minimalist structure and awesome interiors (despite their all-too-late obsession with altering-color LEDs at night).

While the interiors for the hotel haven’t been revealed yet, the developers tout that a granite entrance, a library, and a roof-deck pool will be incorporated.

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