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Renderings courtesy of Raintree Partners.

I’ve long touted—even while going uphill—why the Promenade development in DTLB was an essential part of our city’s growth: it turned a large portion of the public real estate into a connective tissue for residents and visitors alike

That opinion was given over five years ago and I still stand by it—but the obvious elephant in the small stretch of pedestrian living space was the largely empty surface lot just west of the Promenade at 127 E Broadway. Sure, it was host to some cool events. (You are very much missed, Promenade Beer & Wine Festival.) But it was largely a parcel of important but ignored space that could become something grander.

Enter Raintree Partners, who presented to the Promenade Area Residents Association last night to discuss two projects, including their ambitious Inkwell residential project in that very surface lot.

Reminder: this is just a proposal that has yet to be entitled by facing the Planning Commission let alone approved by City Council.

Eschewing many of the redundant designs being churned out by developments taking over former Redevelopment properties across the city, Raintree is attempting to create 189 units (with 268 underground parking spaces) in an eight-story, 85-foot tall building that plays wonderfully with the surrounding height and density.

Off-center, geometric patios play with triangular wood overlays, glass, and a natural-feeling aesthetic that offers more browns and earthy tones than it does steel and glass.

It is unclear how many, if any, of those units will be affordable.

Given the project hasn’t even hit the entitlement process, developers have no set date on when they will break ground as they continue to do community outreach in an attempt to further garner support for the project.

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