Vince Staples Cancels ‘I’ll Shut Up Forever if…’ GoFundMe and Donates Everything to Michelle Obama Library in Norf Long Beach • Long Beach Post

Everyone who reads me knows of my love of Vince Staples.

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Beyond his absurdly jealous-inducing talent, he is pure Long Beach—from his lyrics, which act as a cultural map to the city if one listens deep enough, to his artwork—and has pure love for our city.

He also doesn’t give a flying… And from one DGAF person to another, discovering this aura in another person makes one’s appreciation of that person skyrocket—which is why I thought, after Vince heard of so-called complaints from the crowds of his concerts, it was brilliant he created a GoFundMe.

For what, you might ask?

To get him to shut the fuck up forever for $2M.

Yup. Pay for his lifestyle, haters.

To fans who felt he was “rapping on a robot video game beat,” he said that if the haters were to raise a couple million, he would shut the fuck up forever—and if they were unable to raise enough money to support his lifestyle (including moving to Palmdale, buying a Honda and a puppy, and giving a nearly all-you-can-eat supply of soup to prisoners), they would have to let him say whatever the fuck he wanted and to “get the fuck off my dick.”

Given the lack of hateful spirit being spewed matching the wallets of said haters, Vince gave the money—only $2K was handed over by haters—to the Michelle Obama Library along with a promise to match anyone else willing to donate.

As a side note, it is appropriate to mention that this was also a brilliant marketing tactic for his new song, “Get the Fuck off my Dick,” a clear ode to his video intro in the GoFundMe.

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