Riders on the A (Blue) Line train were not injured Saturday morning after the train suddenly derailed while rerouting back to the First Street Transit Mall.

The trouble started at about 11 a.m. when a car crash near Willow station blocked the train tracks, according to witnesses.

Passenger Areli Morales said the train waited near the crash for about 20 minutes before it was rerouted back to the transit mall. It suddenly derailed off the tracks on Pacific Avenue between West Broadway and First Street, Sgt. Miguel Valenzuela said. Police do not yet know what caused the train to derail.

A representative for Metro declined to comment at the scene. Metro Rider Alerts tweeted at 12:20 that there would be delays up to 15 minutes because of a vehicle blocking the tracks near Willow Station.

Passengers were directed to the transit mall to find shuttles or alternate buses.

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