Kate Karp is the Pets Columnist for the Long Beach Post covering the world of animal activism, pet adoptions and lots of cute cats. She’s called Long Beach home since 1994 and has written for the Post for about 10 years. Kate’s day job is as a copyeditor, which she discovered a love for during her 30-year tenure as a teacher. She describes the job as “like taking the rough edges off a beautiful sculpture.” She has a bachelors degree in Spanish and a masters degree in education and she went back to school at age 50 to earn a certificate in journalism from UCLA. Kate’s favorite thing about writing pet columns is when she finds out someone adopted a pet or donated to a needy rescue after reading about it. She has four cats now: Mildred, Duncan, Marie and Francine, who were all foster cats at one point, but found their forever home with her. She also still fosters.

Long Beach Freeway Dogs Update: The Road Home

There’s a happy ending for the six pit bulls rescued by police officers on the 710 freeway early this year after the officers implemented a pit stop and the dogs ran from the car. At the time of the incident two months ago, dogs, two adult females and four puppies, appeared friendly and tried to engage the officers in play, and were transported to City of Long Beach Animal Care Services to await their fate.

UPDATE: Dogs Sheltered After 710 Chase Remain in Long Beach

The number of dogs taken from Tiffini Tobe on the night of January 18 (see story here) and sent to City of Long Beach Animal Care Services (ACS) has been verified as six: three adult females and one male and two female four-month-old puppies. It is undecided as to whether the dogs will be released to the owner’s family or listed for adoption.