Two more beachside concession stands have gotten permission to sell beer and wine once they open in the coming months at Granada Beach and Bayshore Beach.

The two stands are among the five concession areas Long Beach has worked to open along its coastline in recent years. The latest step came on Thursday when the Planning Commission voted to approve conditional use permits for the Granada and Bayshore sites.

As a result, the Alhambra-based, metal-themed Grill ‘em All burger joint will be able to offer beer at its Bayshore location, and Monty’s Beach, a Mediterranean concept with two other locations in Croatia, will be able to sell beer and wine.

The Bayshore location, which will be near Horny Corner, is undergoing various cosmetic upgrades to the existing two-story concession stand.

A digital rendering of a concession stand with a patio.
A rendering of what the Bayshore Beach concession stand could look like after construction is completed. Photo courtesy city of Long Beach.

Diners will only be able to buy alcohol if they also purchase food, and they’ll have to consume their beverages on-site, either inside the stand or on one of its two patio areas on the first and second floor.

Grill ‘em All co-owner, Matt Chernus, told the commission that he hopes to be open by Aug. 1 after an underground plumbing issue is fixed.

The Monty’s Beach stand at Granada Beach was also granted a permit to sell alcohol at its unique dog-friendly location. Igor Montanari-Knez, the founder of Monty’s Beach, showed commissioners the success of his locations in Croatia, which include lounge areas for humans and a dog agility course for their pets.

Monty’s location near Rosie’s Dog Beach will be allowed to sell beer and wine with its Mediterranean menu, which includes dog-friendly foods like pizza and specially formulated beer for canines, according to Montanari-Knez.

The location is expected to have a dining lounge, sun loungers and an ADA access mat allowing wheelchair users to roll out onto the sand.

“We’re not looking to open a bar but rather enrich the experience of customers who are dog owners,” he said.

The city said that allowing these stands to sell alcohol with food could help keep people at the beach who want to have a drink instead of requiring them to leave and come back, something that can be difficult during summer months when parking is scarce.

Both Monty’s and Grill ‘em All will have to end alcohol service an hour before their shops close each day, and patrons will be required to stay within marked areas while drinking.

The last time the commission approved alcohol sales, which it did in July for the Junipero Beach concession stand, some residents appealed the decision due to its proximity to a playground and its location on the beach. The City Council denied that appeal in October, and Saltwater Deck began selling alcohol alongside its food offerings.

A fourth stand opened at Mother’s Beach last month with Louisiana Charlie’s selling its well-known Cajun food.

The fifth and largest stand has not yet opened at Alamitos Beach. The $9 million, two-story structure has been hampered by construction delays. When it does open, the operator for that location, Gaucho Grill, already has a license to sell beer, wine and spirits.

Jason Ruiz covers City Hall and politics for the Long Beach Post. Reach him at [email protected] or @JasonRuiz_LB on Twitter.