Just hours after an emergency preparedness drill took place Tuesday morning, Cal State Long Beach (CSULB) was on lockdown after an armed subject was reported to be on campus.

At around 3:25PM, an email was sent out to the CSULB community that announced an armed subject was discovered in the north area of campus. The school’s official Twitter account relayed similar messages to the public.


By 4PM, however, campus authorities said that the situation on campus was all clear and that no threat had been indicated. The campus was removed from lockdown and classes resumed as normal. 

Rick Gloady said that the alleged armed person on campus was actually a contractor whose large cell phone attachment was mistaken for a gun by a student. Gloady says the phone was in a protective case that made it appear a bit larger than a normal phone.

Earlier in the day, the school conducted a planned emergency drill that simulated an active shooter on campus. The drill lasted from 9:30AM to 11:30AM and took place on the other side of campus near the Humanities buildings.

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