The state of California is moving forward on submitting a bid to have Boeing production the new 777 X airliner in Long Beach by 2018.

Details on the tax benefits included in the proposal remain undisclosed by Governor Jerry Brown’s Office of Business and Economic Development.

“At this point, we really want to wait and support the bid that is coming out from the Governor’s office,” said Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal. Long Beach City Council passed a resolution in support of adopting the Boeing 777X November 19, mirroring the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

According to Mike Rossi, Brown’s senior advisor for jobs and business development, California is a strong candidate for 777X production and could potentially bring thousands of job opportunities to the state.

Among the candidates to house at least part of 777x production is Long Beach’s Boeing C-17 “Globemaster III” military cargo plane facility, which is facing closure in 2015 due to lack of foreign production orders. The shutdown is expected to ground approximately 5,000 Boeing employees.

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Introducing technological innovations in wing span and fuel efficiency, the 777X will allegedly be the world’s most efficient twin-engine jet once it hits runways in 2020, Boeing officials say. Production would begin in 2018.

“California is well-suited to house the manufacturing plant as we have the skilled workforce, easy access to airports and seaports, facilities and an expansive supply chain. Additionally, the Governor’s Economic Development Initiative cultivates a business-friendly environment that will prove attractive to Boeing,” Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi told the Press-Telegram.

State officials expect Boeing to end its national search and decide on a state partnership for the 777X within the following year. California faces competition from Washington, South Carolina, Utah, Texas, Alabama and Missouri, though the latter five have not yet submitted their proposals. Bidding ends Tuesday.

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