Gas prices are skyrocketing, with prices in Long Beach and Los Angeles County breaking records amid high demand and low supply.

Costs are rising particularly high in California largely due to the easing of COVID-19 precautions that has increased demand, environmental regulations that are unique to the state, and ongoing supply chain issues following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

According to GasBuddy, a nationally acclaimed gas-saving app, here are 10 Long Beach-area gas stations offering the lowest prices in regular gasoline, as of Thursday:

  1. Arco, 1058 N. Avalon Blvd., in Wilmington, ($5.27)
  2. Noil USA, Inc., 1243 W. Cowles St., ($5.29)
  3. Chevron, 1417 E. Anaheim St., ($5.29)
  4. Vons, 1818 Ximeno Ave., ($5.29)
  5. Arco, 1001 Redondo Ave., ($5.31)
  6. Arco, 4235 E. Anaheim St., ($5.33)
  7. Arco, 3201 E. Seventh St., ($5.34)
  8. Shell, 805 E. Ocean Blvd., ($5.35)
  9. Speedway Express, 907 E. Seventh St., ($5.35)
  10. 76, 1430 E. Pacific Coast Highway, ($5.39)

Aside from GasBuddy, you can also search for the cheapest gas with Geico’s gas price locator or Google Maps.