A meeting that will reveal proposed designs for changes to the medians on Second Street in Belmont Shore is set for Tuesday, January 31 where the public is invited to view the conceptual renderings.

Originally scheduled to be held in the field office of Third District Councilwoman Suzie Price, the meeting has been moved to the Long Beach Yacht Club due to flooding from the recent storm that damaged Price’s office.

belmontshoremedianflierThe project will include improvements to the irrigation system, the landscaping on the medians, the addition of light fixtures and pedestrian improvements like any additions of decorative crosswalks or changes made for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Long Beach Public Works Director Craig Beck said in an email that the official costs are not yet known and wont be determined until the city gets construction quotes for the job, but currently the city estimates that the median work will run about $1.1 million with pedestrian improvements costing an additional $750,000. Those figures are subject to change.

The project will not include any changes to the signage on the medians as that effort, a city-wide overhaul of neighborhood signage and those at the city’s entry points, is separate from the Belmont Shore median improvements. However, space for those future signs will be included in the scope of this improvement, Beck said.

Renderings of the project, which will be displayed at the meeting inside the yacht club, will reveal just how much past feedback the community has influenced the median design as well as the types of plants—they’re drought tolerant species—that will be used in the overhaul.

“The common message received from the community has been, ‘Belmont Shore deserves medians that enhance the aesthetic appeal of Second streets, but not detract from the character of the street,’” Beck said. “Community feedback helped shape the design by ensuring there is adequate accommodation of future special events, like the Belmont Shore Christmas Parade.”

This will be the final community meeting before the median improvements move toward the implementation phase.

The Long Beach Yacht Club is located at 6201 Appian Way. The meeting is scheduled to run from 6:00PM to 7:30PM

Jason Ruiz covers City Hall and politics for the Long Beach Post. Reach him at [email protected] or @JasonRuiz_LB on Twitter.