Neighborhood groups in Central Long Beach distribute free electronic accessories to families adjusting to online learning on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2020. Photo by Sebastian Echeverry.

The TCC Family Health clinic, with the support of Central Long Beach neighborhood groups, hosted a drive-thru event to gift headsets, mouses and other electronic accessories to about 300 low-income families on Saturday, Sept. 26, at Roosevelt Elementary School.

Melina Yepiz, the clinic’s director of innovations, said that as families adjust to distance learning online, LBUSD connected with the clinic to organize an event to distribute tech accessories for students.

“Now families can actually have all the kids doing their homework and not interrupting each other,” Yepiz said.

The families, some of which use the clinic’s services, were asked to register for the event beforehand. The giveaway was coordinated with the Long Beach 2020 Census to inform families about the fast-approaching deadline to complete the census. However, with the recent extension to the census, Yepiz said the clinic will try to organize more similar events in the coming weeks.

“For me, I don’t have a job, I have a kid that has autism, I’m a single mom—I can’t afford this stuff for my son,” Carmela Barrera said. “I’m thankful that they’re giving out school supplies, and I’m here for it.”

Although a future date for a similar giveaway is not in place yet, Yepiz urged families to reach out to their general line. That number is 562-277-9432