Long Beach police on Friday released some security and body camera video from a shooting at Bottoms Up Tavern on Oct. 23 that left two men dead, including the suspected attacker.

The footage shows what happened during the encounter that ended with a police officer shooting and killing the gunman, who police say was 48-year-old Delfon Kinney Sr., but the video does not shed any light on what could have prompted him to start shooting in the first place.

LBPD released the videos under a new state transparency law that requires departments to show the public footage of critical incidents like police shootings.

(Editor’s note: Some of the following footage is graphic.)

Police said an officer was on patrol on Oct. 23 at about 12:20 a.m. near Bottom’s Up when people flagged him down saying a man in a Lakers jersey was inside the bar shooting. While there, the officer heard more shots from inside.

Kinney arrived at the bar at about 9:05 p.m., according to police. Three hours later, he was standing inside near the bar just before 12:20 a.m. before he pulled out a gun and held it to a man’s head, the footage shows. The man pushed him away and Kinney shot multiple times at his head and shoulder area. The man fell down over a tall counter, sustaining a non-life threatening gunshot wound to his upper body, according to police.

Witnesses said the bar was busy at the time with a birthday party and the Lakers game on earlier that night. After the first several shots, the video shows employees running through a door behind the bar and patrons ducking behind pool tables before making a run for the front door.

The gunman then fired more shots, hitting and killing a bar-back, 44-year-old Manuel Marquez.

Body-camera video then shows people outside pointing a police officer to the bar and describing the suspect to him. When the audio turns on, the officer is heard calling in the incident on his radio.

Two shots are then heard coming from inside the bar. Within 10 seconds, the officer who was standing in the street looking into the front door of the building, pointed his gun through the door and shot at the suspect, who appeared to be standing behind a bar in a yellow shirt.

Police said that the video showed the suspect pointing his gun towards more people in the bar. The body camera video is blurry, but surveillance video from inside shows Kinney behind the bar pointing a gun to his right. The video shows what appears to be one gunshot coming from a different person and Kinney responding with a shot before being hit by the police officer.

Police previously said it appears a customer tried to intervene by shooting their own weapon at Kinney before police got to the scene, but the department did not include clear footage of that in the video released this week.

“The second shooting incident was another patron firing at Kinney in defense of others and that occurred prior to the officer’s arrival,” LBPD spokeswoman Shaunna Dandoy said. “However, that footage will need to be requested through the (Public Records Act) process, as it is being investigated independently and only footage related to the officer involved shooting is depicted in the community video.”

After the shooting, Kinney’s wife Patricia said she had no idea why he would shoot anyone. A 30-year Disneyland employee, she knew him as “a wonderful man, husband, father and grandfather.”

Editor’s note: This story was updated with new information from police about why the video did not include details about the second shooter.

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