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UPDATE  |  by Keeley Smith  |  Two men and one woman suspected and charged with the kidnapping and murder of 3-month-old Eliza de la Cruz pleaded not guilty to felony charges Thursday in Long Beach Superior Court.

Defendants Giselangelique Rene, Anthony Ray McCall and Todd Boudreaux were arraigned Thursday after bail was set last month at $5 million for Rene and McCall, and $1 million for Damon.

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A bail review hearing for McCall and Boudreaux will take place this coming Tuesday. The next court date for all three suspects is a preliminary hearing on June 17.  

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office declined to comment on this case.

PREVIOUSLY: Arraignment Rescheduled for Suspects in Kidnapping, Murder of Eliza De La Cruz

March 27 3:07PM  |  The arraignment of the three suspects charged in the murder and kidnapping of Eliza De La Cruz has been rescheduled to April 30.

No pleas were heard at the scheduled arraignment before Judge Laura Laesecke Friday afternoon.

The bail for Giselangelique Rene D’Milian has been set at $5 million, while the bail for her accomplices, Anthony Ray McCall and Todd Damon Boudreaux have been set at $5 million and $1 million, respectively.

While no further details have been released about Boudreaux’s involvement in the case, Deputy District Attorney Cynthia Vargas confirmed after Friday’s trial that he is being charged with attempted murder and attempted kidnapping.

Vargas also said there were no pending charges against a fourth suspect in the case, Charisse Shelton, D’Milian’s 30-year-old daughter.

No further information is available. We will update this story as we learn more.

PREVIOUSLY: Eliza De La Cruz Killers Charged with Murder, Kidnapping

MARCH 27 11:24AM  |  by Brittany Woolsey   |  A woman who allegedly faked a pregnancy, created a fraudulent nonprofit for infants and kidnapped and murdered three-week-old Eliza De La Cruz in January was charged Friday, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced.

Giseleangelique Rene D’Milian of Thousand Oaks and her accomplice Anthony Ray McCall of Oceanside were each charged with the January 3 kidnapping and murder of baby Eliza and the attempted murder of Eliza’s mother, father and uncle.

D’Milian, McCall and a third defendant, Todd Damon Boudreaux, were also charged with the attempted murder of a 23-year-old woman and the attempted kidnapping of her four-month-old son in an El Segundo motel on February 6. They are scheduled to be arraigned Friday afternoon at the Los Angeles County Superior Court in Long Beach.

D’Milian is suspected of developing the kidnapping-murder plot to produce two babies after allegedly lying to her married boyfriend that she was pregnant with his twins.

If convicted as charged, D’Milian, McCall and Boudreaux face up to life in state prison.

MARCH 25 UPDATE | After nearly three months of searching for the killer of three-week-old Eliza De La Cruz, police announced the arrest of two women and two men, whom Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) Chief Robert Luna called “heartless cowards” in a press conference Wednesday.

According to police, Giseleangelique Rene D’Milian, 47, of Thousand Oaks, lied to her married boyfriend by saying she was carrying his twin babies, a girl and a boy, and said she delivered them in December while she was out of the country.

To keep up with her lie, D’Milian developed a fraudulent non-profit organization for babies between the ages of one and two months old. She then reached out to friends and asked them to refer her to mothers with babies within that age bracket.

Police said Eliza was the first baby D’Milian attempted to kidnap as part of her scheme.

Investigators learned Eliza was being carried by her mother, whose name has not been released, after they exited a bus on Del Amo Boulevard and Long Beach Boulevard at about 4:15PM on January 3, the day the attack and kidnapping occurred.

As they were walking home, a black Range Rover with black rims and a female driver, identified Wednesday as D’Milian, pulled up next to them. Police said a second suspect, 29-year-old Anthony McCall of Oceanside, was a passenger in the SUV.

D’Milian stopped and asked Eliza’s mother about the baby. After a brief verbal exchange, Eliza and her mother continued on their way home.

Later that day, a male suspect, identified Wednesday as McCall, forced his way into Eliza’s family’s home and shot her mother, father and uncle, and kidnapped baby Eliza. The infant’s body was found a day later in a trash can in San Diego County.

“We believe the suspects threw her away like a piece of trash,” said LBPD Lt. Lloyd Cox at Wednesday’s press conference.

Police have not released Eliza’s exact cause of death, or a possible motive for her death. The case remains under seal with the San Diego County Office of Medical Examiner.

About a month later, on February 6, El Segundo police were notified about an assault in an El Segundo motel, said El Segundo Lt. Scott Doukakis at the press conference. A woman, accompanied by her four-month-old son, said she was attacked by an unknown male suspect who allegedly hit her with a baseball bat before attempting to kidnap her child. Police believe that suspect was McCall.

The two police departments linked the cases together and determined they were searching for the same suspects.

“We’ve never seen anything like this where somebody goes out looking for babies to kidnap and they attempt to kill the mothers,” said LBPD Chief Robert Luna, adding that this incident hit home for him since he has children of his own. “These people are just evil in nature.”

Eliza’s mother, father and uncle have been unable to be interviewed by police due to the extent of their injuries, Cox said.

The LBPD released sketches of the possible suspects last week, urging the public to come forward with any information about their identities. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday also renewed a $25,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the suspects.

Authorities said those incentives led witnesses who recognized the sketches to come forward with names that matched the names of two suspects police believed to be connected to the case, D’Milian and McCall.

D’Milian and McCall were each arrested for murder, kidnapping, attempt murder and conspiracy.

Police said two additional suspects, 44-year-old Todd Boudreaux of Fontana and 30-year-old Charisse Shelton of Corona, were arrested as accessories after the fact. Although police did not elaborate on the roles Boudreaux and Shelton played, they said they were aware of the crimes and covered them up after they had occurred.

All four suspects were arrested Wednesday, police said. D’Milian, McCall and Boudreaux are each being held without bail, while Shelton is being held on $1 million bail.

Police said D’Milian’s boyfriend, who was not identified, has been cooperative with police. Police said the boyfriend was living with his own wife and their children somewhere in California, and was unaware of D’Milian’s scheme.

“There is nothing to connect D’Milian’s boyfriend with the crime,” Cox said.

Mayor Robert Garcia said he was proud of the work of the LBPD for apprehending the suspects.

“This was a horrific and tragic crime and those involved must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” he said. I am hopeful that these arrests bring some peace to the family of baby Eliza. May she rest in peace.”

Authorities are still seeking anyone else who may have been approached by D’Milian about her fraudulent nonprofit. Anyone with information regarding the Long Beach case is urged to call Long Beach Police Homicide Detectives Donald Goodman and Mark Mattia at 562-570-7244. Anyone with information regarding the El Segundo case is urged to call Detective Luke Muir at 310-524-2263. Anonymous tips may also be submitted by calling 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), texting TIPLA plus the tip to CRIMES (274637) or visiting

PREVIOUSLY: Four Suspects Arrested In Connection With Kidnapping, Murder of Three-Week-Old Eliza De La Cruz

MARCH 25 5:01PM | by Jason Ruiz | After nearly three months of searching for suspects involved in the kidnapping and murder of Long Beach infant Eliza De La Cruz, the Long Beach Police Department announced that it had arrested four people in connection with the crimes at an afternoon press conference Wednesday at police headquarters.

Two adult males and two adult females were taken into custody and charged with the kidnapping and murder of De La Cruz as well as the attempted murder of four others stemming from the January 3 shooting in North Long Beach that ended in De La Cruz’s mother,father and uncle being hospitalized for gunshot wounds and the disappearance of De La Cruz.

The infant was later found dead in a San Diego area dumpster after a search effort that ended when De La Cruz’s body was found less than 24 hours after she was kidnapped.

The suspects were identified as 47-year-old Giseleangelique Rene D’Milian, 29-year-old Anthony McCall, 44-year-old Todd Boudreaux and 30-year-old Charisse Shelton. D’Milian and McCall were both charged for murder, kidnapping, attempted murder and conspiracy while Boudreaux and Shelton, D’Milian’s daughter, were arrested as accessories after the fact. None of the four suspects arrested live in Long Beach.

“This is an extremely complex and detailed case,” LBPD Police Chief Robert Luna said as he spoke to reporters at police headquarters.

Just last week, the LBPD released police sketches of two of the possible suspects wanted in connection with the crimes and yesterday the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors renewed its $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspects.

Mayor Robert Garcia commended the police department for their investigation and efforts since the January shooting and kidnapping saying that they had become obsessed with solving the mystery.

“Well done LBPD for arresting suspects in the kidnapping and murder of 3 week old Eliza De La Cruz,” Garcia wrote on his Facebook page. “Our police have been working hard on this case for months and I could not be more proud of them – finally there is justice for baby Eliza and her family.”

All four are expected to appear in Long Beach Superior Court for arraignment Friday afternoon.

The LBPD said that the investigation is still ongoing and that anyone with information regarding the case should call LBPD Homicide Detectives Donald Goodman or Mark Mattia at (562) 570-7244.

This story is being updated as we receive more information.

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