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The Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) conducted four Motorcycle Safety Operations, funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over the past two weekends, citing 77 motorcyclists for unsafe driving and for non-DOT approved motorcycle helmets, among others. 

The patrol took place throughout the city, with officers on the lookout for unsafe driving by motorcyclists and drivers operating their vehicles unsafely around motorcyclists, according to an LBPD release. 

In addition to the 77 citations directed at motorcyclists for unsafe driving, 101 drivers received citations for unsafe driving, while three motorcyclists were cited for not having a motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license. 

Five motorcyclists and drivers were also cited for driving with a suspended/revoked driver’s license, six motorcyclists and drivers were cited for unlicensed driving and two motorcycles were impounded due to their driver driving without a license. 

According to the release, motorcycle fatalities dropped by 37 percent between 2008 and 2010, but rose 23 percent by 2012. In the past three years, 15 fatal and 277 injury crashes have occurred in Long Beach, according to LBPD statistics. 

Impaired driving, caused by drugs and alcohol are the most common reason for motorcycle-involved collisions, according to the LBPD. 

The LBPD’s listed safety tips for riders and drivers in their release, including: 

Safety tips for riders:

  • Ride with lights on during daylight hours
  • Use your lane position to increase visibility; change lanes only when there is ample room
  • Match your speed to surrounding traffic
  • Always wear a DOT compliant helmet and brightly colored, protective clothing 

Safety tips for drivers:

  • Look twice for motorcyclists, especially when entering the roadway, turning or changing lanes
  • Motorcyclists are allowed in HOV lanes unless prohibited by signage

Riders are urged to obtain training through the California Motorcyclist Safety Program. Information and training locations are available at or 1.877.RIDE.411 (1.877.743.3411).

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