Twenty-one Long Beach Unified School District campuses will have new principals when the 2022-23 school year starts in August after the LBUSD Board of Education unanimously approved a series of administrative changes Wednesday evening.

Among the noteworthy changes is Stanford Middle School principal Rebecca Caverly taking over at Wilson High, where the principal is retiring. Twelve elementary schools and seven middle schools will get new principals. The full list of new assignments is below:


  • Addams: Tracy Fiala
  • Bixby: Agustin Vieyra
  • Carver: Dulnari Edirisinghe-Aga
  • Dooley: Edward Sigur IV
  • Emerson: Sunday Dominguez
  • Gant: Tracy Hall
  • Longfellow: Sam Platis
  • Lowell: Cassie Fanton
  • Mann: Donna Robertson
  • Nieto Herrera: Allison Kargas
  • Riley: Armando Duenas
  • Webster: Matthew Monaghan

Middle/K-8 schools

  • Franklin: Jorge Montanez
  • Hamilton: Laura Martin
  • Hoover: David Costa
  • Lindsey: Danyett Armstrong-Lee
  • Robinson: Jeffrey Wood
  • Rogers: Renny Chu
  • Stanford: Dow Lawson IV

High schools

  • Long Beach School For Adults: Nicole Lopez
  • Wilson: Rebecca Caverly

Breaking with tradition, LBUSD superintendent Jill Baker gave some remarks on the changes. Typically the LBUSD Board passes the changes at the end of each school year with little to no comment.

“All of the candidates for promotion were effective teachers or counselors in our district,” said Baker. “Nothing is left up to chance. We’re going to have families who say ‘I’m losing my principal to another school.’ We think about the entire system.”

TALB, CSEA agreements approved

As expected, the LBUSD board unanimously approved new labor agreements with the Teachers Association of Long Beach and the Long Beach chapter of the California School Employees Association, its two labor unions. The agreements include raises for both, as well as a framework to begin offering full-day kindergarten and transitional kindergarten in the fall.

“This was definitely a labor of love to support our employees as well as trying to find the best agreement to support our students,” said Steve Rockenbach, who led the district’s negotiation team. He also credited the negotiation teams for remaining cordial during what was a sometimes-tense period of long negotiations.

“Being able to have a team that’s open and maintains civil decorum is important,” he said.

District management and non-represented employees will also receive commensurate raises of 4.5%, per another unanimous Board vote.

New school calendars approved

For parents and teachers who like to plan ahead, the board unanimously approved the LBUSD’s traditional calendars for the 2024-25 and 2025-26 school years.

The 24-25 calendar is available here. The 25-26 calendar is available here.

The final two LBUSD Board meetings of the school year are scheduled for June 1 and 22.

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